Language Reviewing, Editing and Proof Reading

PPT Presentation Design

We are experts in providing language reviews, editing and proof reading services for English and Malayalam.

Ever felt your documentation be a blotch on your personality? Ever your writing skill betrayed and made you a laughing stock? Don't worry. It can happen even to the brainy unless they are language maestros.

We are here to make your documents and projects error free with a bit of fee.

The services help your documents far away from any type of structural error.

We provide content editing and development for your website.


Work Scenario

  • Finalize the number of pages and total expected payment.

  • Send the document (preferably in Microsoft word format / Share via Google Doc)

  • You will get the corrections with tracking details in jpeg format so that you can verify the work.

  • Complete the payment

  • You will get the corrected document in required format.

Working Scenario

  • Share the topic to be presented.

  • Share the ideas you have.

  • Share the important diagrams to be included in the presentation.

  • Share the number of slides required.

  • Finalize the payment terms.

  • We will prepare your PPT in Google Slides.

  • You will get the slides in jpeg format prior to the payment.

  • Do the revisions.

  • Complete your payment.

  • You will get the prepared slides in required format.